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About the Neuraxial Wiki

How to login and register

  • The entry page and this About page are public.
  • The rest of the material is intended for use by the Welsh NHS. Some personnel in other parts of the UK NHS have been granted access, including the NPSA and MHRA.
  • Industry is not allowed access to these pages.
  • Before you can read any further content on this wiki, you must login.
  • If you do not have a login, you can register.
  • Note that all registrations must be approved before you can gain further access to the site.
  • Once you have been approved you will receive an email with a new password.

What is this site for ?

The aim of this site is to act as a repository for documents related to the NPSA Neuraxial/Spinal Alerts issued in Autumn 2009, and to allow members of the Welsh Neuraxial Connectors Reference Group to edit/add information.

Who is hosting this site ?

The site is being run and hosted by SMTL (Surgical Materials Testing Laboratory).

SMTL are funded by the Welsh Assembly to provide testing and technical services to the Welsh NHS related to medical devices. The Director of SMTL, Pete Phillips, is chairing the Welsh Neuraxial Connectors Reference Group.

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Neuraxial mailing List

A mailing list is also hosted by SMTL, and is used to facilitate discussion between members of the WNCRG and others in Wales (and some others in the UK NHS) regarding issues involved with the NPSA alert.

To join, please send an email request to

All Information on this page is confidential to NHS Wales, and is not to be divulged to non-NHS organisations and companies.
Some NHS parties outside the Welsh NHS have access to these pages - please check with the Chair of the WNCRG before using this information elsewhere.
The Neuraxial Wiki website uses cookies, please view our Cookie Policy for more information.

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